Interested in taking a class?

We have classes for puppies, adolescents and adults!

Our classes are kept small – to allow for lots of individual attention for you and your dog
The atmosphere is relaxed and low stress to maximize your learning enjoyment
The whole family is welcome – everyone who will be living with your dog is invited to come and help train.

Beginner Training Classes on now!  Contact us for the next sessions start date.


Home Schooling

Need the content of a class, but scheduling a concern?

We offer one-on-one in home lessons that cover the same content as class, but at a time that works for you. 


Behavioural Consultations & Problem Solving

Many behaviours that are completely natural for dogs —like barking, digging, chewing and jumping up — can prove to be challenging to live with.  There are ways to allow your dog to still enjoy life without driving you crazy.  Personalized behaviour consultations allow us to work together to set goals and show you how to implement a plan to modify your dog’s behaviour.

New puppies are super cute, but can also be a challenge to live with.  We can help you with house training, biting and early socialization information



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