Dog Training Classes in Markdale, Ontario

New puppy? Unruly adolescent?
Want to polish up some skills or learn new ones?

I have a class for that!

Why Choose My Classes?

Dog Training is Fun

Force-free, rewards-based training helps dogs develop the skills they need using treats, games, and praise – all the things dogs love!

I want your dog to be a happy willing participant in the training process. There is no place for pain, fear, or intimidation in training.

Small Class Sizes

Allows for plenty of individual support to ensure you and your dog will learn the skills you need.

I get to know you and your dog and develop lasting relationships, I’m a part of your community.

Education and Experience

I have credentials and specialized training

Certified by the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers in Dog Training and Client Counseling with 20 years of experience caring for animals as a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT).
That’s decades of hands on experience training, teaching and caring for your pets.

Meet Your Trainer