How to Stuff a Food Toy

Dog’s need a lot of mental enrichment to keep them out of trouble.  Frozen stuffed food puzzles are a great thing for them to direct their attention too.

dog food, canned and dry, apple, kong

Step 1 

Gather your supplies. 

You’ll need some of your dog’s kibble, and some extra goodies – you could use canned dog food, apple sauce, pieces of fruit or vegetables (no grapes, raisins, onion or garlic). Find something your dog loves.

Make sure to have a variety of food toys to stuff and a bowl to mix it all in.

MIxed food

Step 2

Mix all your ingredients together adding some water to make a stew consistency, you don’t want it too runny that it leaks all over or so dry that the pieces won’t freeze together.

It doesn’t look too appetizing, but your dog will love it!

Stuffed food toys

Step 3

Time to Stuff! 

Fill your food puzzles, set them in a dish and in the freezer.  

Let your dog lick the mixing bowl clean

You now have a treat ready whenever you need an activity to occupy your dog.