My Story

Jade & Jasper

I’m told that from the day I could walk and talk my world revolved around animals; cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs, if it had fur I was a fan. I talked about them, read about them and visited with them when I could.  It was only natural to follow that path when it came time to decide on a career.  

Off I went to become a Veterinary Technician (RVT) and when I graduated Seneca College the interest in animal behaviour had been planted.  Fast forward a few years and I ended up with a coworker who not only attended dog events with her own dogs she taught classes as well.  Her and I became friends and that, as they say, is history.  I started out shadowing her at her classes and progressed to becoming her assistant, then moved on to teaching my own classes which I have successfully continued with ever since.  I continued my position as an RVT at various clinics helping the Doctors and clients with behaviour and training concerns while also caring for many pets on the medical side.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to study under Jean Donaldson at the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers (USA).  The 2 year program teaches science-based, effective, humane methods allowing me to further hone my skills and counseling abilities.  I graduated from the program with honours in 2020 and now proudly display the CTC (Certificate of Training and Counseling).

I continue to seek out opportunities to learn about the most current force-free training and handling practices to pass along to you, my students.

I can often be found hanging out with, and usually training, my own dog.
Jasper, my young Boxer, is offering an incredible opportunity for me to grow my skills in relation to training fearful, reactive dogs. Fortunately he’s a terrific cuddler at home and loves to play. With perseverance in our training we will reach our goal.

Jade, my beautiful girl, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently is the inspiration behind the sweet seniors class! She wiggled her way into my heart very quickly after her adoption many moons ago and I’m thankful for all the adventures we had together. You’ll see her sweet face in multiple places on the site.
Of course no house would be complete without the resident kitty! Ella, who is so tolerant of stinky dogs.

When I’m not absorbed in the world of dogs I can be found out in my kayak or in my quilting room with a cup of tea.

Pam Morrison