Group Classes

Dog & Puppy Training Classes held in Markdale, ON

Most classes held at Annesley United Church

Puppy Essentials

3 weeks full of off-leash play and social time for puppies, handling and calming exercises as well as positive associations with common vet clinic items like the scale, exam tables and various equipment.

We’ll also discuss house training, chewing, biting and any questions you may have.

Age: Under 18 weeks at first class
Prerequisite: none
Duration: 3 weeks
Course Dates: Tuesday Evenings
Ongoing enrollment lets you start as soon as there is a spot available (max of 4 puppies per class)

Tuition: $75

Skills Learned:

Off-leash play skills
Polite Greetings
Resource Guarding Prevention

Attention Games

Settle Exercises

Classes held at Markdale Veterinary Services

Sit Stay learned in Dog Training class Markdale

Beginner Manners

Help your adolescent pup focus on you and make polite choices or teach your adult dog to respond reliably to cues.

All taught in a fun, supportive, force free way!

Age: 16 weeks and up
Prerequisite: None
Duration: 6 weeks
Course Start Dates: July 24th 6pm 2024
Tuition: $175

Skills Learned:
Sit, Down
Coming When Called
Leash Skills
and More!

Sit Stay learned in Dog Training Class in Markdale

Intermediate Manners

Practice previously learned skills with more challenging and realistic distractions. Learn new skills and techniques for real life use.

Age: Any age
Prerequisite: Beginner Manners

Duration: 6 weeks

Course Start Dates: July 25th 6pm 2024
Tuition: $175

Skills Focused On:
Impulse control
Advanced leave it
Distraction proof stay
Leash Skills and More!

Advanced Manners – Out and About

Let’s take the skills you’ve been working on into the real world!

Age: Any
Prerequisite: Intermediate Manners
Duration: 4 weeks

Session Start Dates: Monday July 29th 6pm
Tuition: $100

Skills Focused On:
Attention skills
Loose Leash Walking
Leave it
Come when Called
Sit to greet people (if appropriate)

Group training walk

Group Walk & Train

Because training with a group is more fun!

An opportunity to work on known skills with your dog in a variety of locations with different distractions. All locations will be within Markdale.
Let’s practice attention skills, check-ins, polite leash walking or other skills you want to fine tune

Age: Any age
Prerequisite: Intermediate or Advanced Manners

Duration: Mondays at 7:15pm for 30mins.

Course Start Date: Weekly starting July 29th (weather permitting)

Tuition: $10/ night or $25 for 3

Maximum of 4 dogs per walk. Preregistration required.
*Group walks are for dogs that are friendly with people and dogs

Polite Greeters Club

Does your dog jump all over people when they greet?
Would you prefer they sit politely?
Learn how to teach this skill, coach others to help, not hinder, your training efforts, plus lots of practice time for you and your pup

Age: Any
Prerequisite: None
Duration: 2 weeks

Session Start Dates: July 24th 7pm
Tuition: $60

Skills Focused On:
Sit to greet people
Impulse Control

This class is for dogs that are over excited and happy to see people, not fearful dogs.


Tricks are a great way to build your dogs confidence, help them focus on you and they are a fun way to train!

Age: Any age
Prerequisite: None

Duration: 3 weeks

Course Start Dates: Get on the waitlist!

Tuition: $75

Skills Focused On:
Dance with Me
Spoon Races and More!

Prior to starting class be sure to review the Important Class Information so you know what to bring

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